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Wisconsin takes down UWGB 65-54

After dropping the first game in their in-state round robin to Marquette last Saturday, Wisconsin (7-4) took the second of three games played between all the in-state rivals 65-54 over Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Evans led Wisconsin with 13 points.


Final Score

Wisconsin-Green Bay: 54
Wisconsin: 65


Wisconsin-Green Bay: 37.5%
Wisconsin: 47.1%


Wisconsin-Green Bay: 75.% (9-12)
Wisconsin: 60% (12-20)


Marshall knocked in two 3-pointers against the Phoenix.

Wisconsin-Green Bay: 25% (3-12)
Wisconsin: 38.5% (5-13)

Wisconsin-Green Bay: 35
Wisconsin: 32

Wisconsin-Green Bay: 6
Wisconsin: 15


Wisconsin-Green Bay: 9
Wisconsin: 6

What was said

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan

On free throw shooting and the boost from Zak Showalter and Sam Dekker:

Dekker had another solid outing.

“It’s better than not making any free throws to number one. And to the one that had two names in it, it brought energy. They got loose balls, played hard, did a lot of the little things well. To me it’s no surprise with Zak Showalter. I know how he plays, that’s why we decided to bring him here, or ask him to come here. I’m glad he didn’t say no. He’s really given us a shot in the arm.”

On what Green Bay did well at the start of the game to hold a lead:

“So many of these games sometimes you’re taking a look at what the other team is going to give you, how are they going to handle this, how are they going to handle that. It was more we weren’t putting up numbers. If the numbers aren’t going up on one side of the scoreboard, and somebody gets to nine and you only have two, it’s like ‘whoa, that’s really a big lead.’ But you have to be smart enough as players, when you’re on the court it is still one possession at a time. They did some good things. They hit some shots, they got the ball where they wanted and we had to take that away from them. There’s a lot of learning that takes place in 40 minutes. There are a lot of teams that get better during the course of the game, or at least you hope you’re getting better, and I thought that is what our guys did. You can do so much with the scout team, and our scout team does a great job, but until you get the size and the speed and what the other team is trying to do, you’re still not 100 percent ready. I thought through the course of the game we got ready, and read what they were doing a little bit better. They’re going to be a factor in that league. They played well. They’ve had a tough road trip, but you know they get back home, they get the energy back, you know how these games are.”

On the 10-day break the Badgers have between games:

“It’s what they end up doing with it, and they have to take care of exams first. We’ll do some legs and lungs, just make sure we don’t lose our conditioning. Some guys will have the chance to get in here when they don’t have tests, or their tests are over on their own and work on some things. I talked about being a craftsman, you know people that take pride in their work. If you put up a wall and the studs don’t look right, well you have to take those studs out and redo the wall, I worked construction one summer. If you take pride in your work, and if you know you have shortcomings, there are chances for guys to work on them, so we’ll see. I’ve never made any promises.”

On if he has found a combination of players that works best for the team:

“It depends on the game. It depends on what the other team has out on the floor. That group that was in there at the end, they were staying. I did have something worked out with the official on a timeout, thinking that they were going to foul Ryan (Evans) right away, and he misunderstood what I said, he said we had a failure to communicate. When it was a minute-something I was going to bring Ryan out, just to settle him down and give him a little rest defense, but I had to have him on the floor because he tracked down two or three of those rebounds in traffic and was huge. He was really putting his nose on the ball. So he gave us more good, even though he didn’t make a couple of those free throws, he did us more good overall. That combination at the end of tonight, for that time period, they were doing the best job so they stayed."

On what in particular allowed the Badgers to open up the offense by penetrating into the lane:

Showalter had his best game as a Badger.

“We ran a couple specials that we had to remind some guys about. If you’re over-playing there is some back door stuff you can get, and sure enough, we got two of them. What does that do to the defense? I don’t know, because I only coach one team, but if you can get something like that, does that make the defense then say, ‘okay we can’t overplay this or that?’ I don’t know. It seemed like we were able to move the ball better after that, after loosening them up a bit.”

On if he liked what he saw during Wisconsin’s runs:

“Yeah, but they go in spurts. Same thing with other teams. We’ve talked about this over the years now that everybody wants to throw that stat out there, this run of 10, this run of six, this team has scored the last eight, 8-of-the-last-10, because I know it gives the media, people announcing the game, people reporting the game something to talk about. It’s just like nobody talked about points per possession when I got here, and now a lot of people talk about points per possession. You can take that 31-8, and I can say if we had 31 we played really well, but can you do that all the time? No, a lot of times you are playing teams where it’s toe-to-toe and there’s never more than a four-point differential before the other team scores, maybe five, the grinders.”

On Mike Bruesewitz and the status of his concussion:

“I knew as soon as I said grinder somebody’s going to ask about the grinder of all-time. He’s getting ready for finals. I told him to stay away, not for any particular, not like he’s being punished, but he’s getting ready for his exams. He’s missed some things this semester. This is Wisconsin. This isn’t a place where he can take a break academically, so hopefully he got a lot a good studying. I’m sure he wasn’t paying any attention to the game, fat chance.”

Box Score


Traevon Jackson - 4 points, 2 assists, 2 steals
Ben Brust - 6 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists
Sam Dekker - 10 points, 6 rebounds
Ryan Evans - 13 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists
Jared Berggren - 10 points, 4 rebounds, 4 blocks

Jackson played solid defense tonight.

George Marshall - 6 points
Zak Showalter - 8 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists
Zach Bohannon - 1 turnover
Frank Kaminsky - 8 points


Traevon Jackson: B - Jackson did a really nice job defensively, getting his hands on a few passes, and also took much better care of the ball tonight.

Ben Brust: C+ - Brust struggled defensively in the first half and forced some shots. The junior had a really nice night distributing the ball and grabbing rebounds though.

Sam Dekker : B- Dekker was his usual self knocking down open shots, getting to the rim, and making hustle plays.

Ryan Evans: B+ - It looked like it would be another long night for Evans early, but after he gained some confidence late in the first half, finished with a team-high 13 points.

Jared Berggren: C- - Berggren was non existent for much of the first half. His rebounds were down and the senior just wasn't very active tonight.

George Marshall: C - Marshall provided a spark for Wisconsin in the first half with two three-pointers. However, he struggled on the defensive end again.

Zak Showalter: A - The freshman came off the bench and did some really nice things. He was aggressive on both ends of the floor.

Zach Bohannon: C - Only played seven minutes, missing his only shot from the field.

Frank Kaminsky: C+ - Had trouble with the front line of Green Bay, but found some offense in the second half.

Three Things

1. Evans bounced back

It took two consecutive free throws made before Ryan Evans got going, but the senior forward bounced back after a miserable performance against Marquette.

2. Where's the touches?

Early this season, Jared Berggren has been Wisconsin's most consistent player. However over the past three games, the senior has gotten very few post touches in the post.

Marshall needs more minutes

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the offense is better with George Marshall running the point. The freshman needs to get more minutes as Wisconsin will need him come Big Ten play.

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