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Player Database 2.0 has launched!

  • 247Sports is proud to announce today that we have released Player Database 2.0, which introduces many new products – including Crystal Ball, which allows experts throughout the industry to predict where prospects will play in college.

    “We’ve always tried to say one step ahead of the industry,” 247Sports founder and CEO Shannon Terry said. “Today’s release showcases that fact perfectly. With our combination of engineering innovations, editorial offerings and our team of experts across the country, we’ll continue to be well ahead of the curve.”

    At 247Sports, we were the first to provide a top 247 ranking of juniors. We were the first to provide an industry-generated rating and raking of players with the 247Composite. We also introduced the 247Composite Team Recruiting Rankings, which gives fans the most unbiased team rankings to date. Today’s release continues the progression of “firsts” for our company.

    “This is a huge win for all fans,” 247Sports Chief Operating Officer Noah Stanley said. “The amount of additional data that we’ve added will spark new conversations and thoughts about the entire recruiting process.

    “I’m excited for our entire team. The editorial experts get to showcase their knowledge more than ever, and our tech team – led by Cory Lovelace - can feel proud of the innovation they’ve led for our industry.”

    At the end of the day, recruiting fans want to know the answer to two fundamental questions when it comes to players:

    - “How good are they?”
    - “Where are they going to school?”

    With the release of these new products, 247Sports will help its users sift through all the noise and find the answers those questions.

    “After more than two years of building the core infrastructure for our network, we are excited to now be in the phase of building innovative products and services for the industry,” Terry said. “We are just getting started, and are eager to move on with our efforts in enhancing our message boards, user interaction and mobile platform.”

    Below is a brief description of many of the new products unveiled today:

    Crystal Ball – This feature allows 247Sports experts and other media members to predict where they believe a prospect will eventually sign to play in college. It also records the date predictions were made. Analysts will be able to change their predictions throughout the recruiting process, but previous predictions (with date) will be listed as well. Crystal Ball appears below the school interests and above the timeline on the recruit profile page. Following are several Crystal Ball features with many more planned for the near future:

    A. Main Link on Player Profile with cumulative results:

    B. View all predictions on a specific player:

    C. View all predictions from a specific recruiting analyst:

    Skills meter – Football and basketball prospects will be rated on a scale of 1-10 in eight position-specific skill areas. For example, the eight skills for offensive linemen are different that the skills for wide receiver. The skills meter will appear on the right side of the recruit profile page under the video module (if there is one). On release, the 247Sports scouts led by Gerry Hamilton, Barton Simmons, Jerry Meyer and J.C. Shurburtt, provided skill ratings on more than 1000 prospects from the 2013, 2014 & 2015 classes.

    A. Sample located in right area:

    Ratings and Rankings History – Users will now be able to follow and compare – from start to finish – the ratings and rankings for each prospect. The product shows both ratings and rankings from our 247Sports scouts and the industry-generated 247Composite. The rating and ranking history will be under the skills meter on the prospect profile page. On the rankings pages, we also now feature “up” arrows and “down” arrows to show which direction and how many spots the player has recently moved in the rankings.

    A. Sample located in right border area:

    Coach pages – In addition to our player database, we also have a coaches database with coach pages. The coach profiles feature recruiting targets, salary (when available), timeline events, previous jobs and titles, hometown, alma mater and more.

    A. Sample: Jeremy Pruitt (Florida State)

    Commitment maps – On a team’s commitment list, there is a map of the United States about halfway down the page on the right hand side. The map has a pushpin representing a commitment’s hometown on the map. If you click View All, it will take you to another page with a larger map and a complete commit list with pushpins for all the prospects on the list.

    In the future, 247Sports will focus heavily on bringing more visual ques to the user experience. The commitment map is a small sample of many more to come.

    A: Sample:

    Team recruiting rankings for basketball – To this point, our basketball team recruiting rankings have been determined editorially and built in article pages. We are now able to offer a 247Composite Team Recruiting Ranking for basketball as well. The team rankings can be sorted by overall team rankings and by conference.

    A. 2013 Basketball Team Recruiting Ranking

    Recruiter rankings – The 247Composite recruiter rankings will rank coaches based on the commitments they are able to land and the prospects that they sign. There will generally be a primary coach and secondary coach for each prospect. The coaches are assigned points based on their recruiting skills, and ability to hold on to recruits following staff changes. We’ll take the data and formulate a 247Composite recruiter ranking nationally and by conference.

    A. 2013 Football Recruiter Rankings

    Ability to link to more video – Previously, the only video that we were able to link to on the network was YouTube video. We now have the ability to link to other free video outlets on the Internet, greatly increasing our ability for more video offerings.

    Ranking Trends -- It's always nice to see who is making moves in the rankings, and because our rankings update at least daily it was hard to keep up with over time. We've now added a new column to the right of a recruit's, school's or coach's rank to tell you how far they've moved since the last update (we'll run an update every 15 days). If you need more than that for recruits, you may click on their profile to see the full history.

    A. Sample -- 2014 Recruiter Ranking:

    Other features:

    *** Cleaned up right borders on recruiting pages with more relevant resources

    *** Enhanced Recruited by Coach: Along with the Recruiting Coach Rankings we've added more details into each coach on the player page. You'll now see a green P, K, or S to signify if the coach is the Primary, Secondary, or Keeper. The amount of coach data has increased immensely because of the rankings.

    *** Added Age to prospect/player profiles (ex: 19 years and 2 months)

    *** Based on user feedback, we better organized the player page based to present the features most used higher up the page. In addition, we added more news stories and photos.

    *** Mobile Menu - Added hoops: Our new mobile menus now include links to all of the rankings and recruiting information for hoops too. Click on Recruits and choose the Basketball tab.

    *** All features (with the exception of skills) have been added to the mobile site or will be added in the near future

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  • Well I just found out what I'll be doing for the next week. Great stuff!

  • Here are my predictions if you're interested.

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  • Also of note, according to the 247 composite coach recruiting rankings, Ben Strickland is ranked No. 1 in the Big Ten and No. 8 nationally.

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  • Cool! Awesome tool, I think.

    Is there a way to search for all predicted UW recruits?

    Or, a way to search for all prediction votes for UW (so not necessarily results that are in UW's favor, but votes for a player to end up at UW)?

  • Nice---next step is to add the crystal ball predictions to the targets page:

    Would be cool to go down the list and see who is leading in one place.

  • If you have suggestions, I'd advise you to post here.

    We want your feedback to make this the best it can be.

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  • Wow, cant wait to start digging into these new tools. Another reason I'm glad I took the chance on 247. I've used all the other major services and always felt that I never quite received full value of what I was paying. As someone who hase been following recruiting closely for over 20 years (yes, before internet) I am very pleased thus far with what I've been getting from not only Badger247 but the other 247 writers that share on our recruits. Evan, I dont know how you find the time to do all the fine updates as well as attend and report real time on High School BBall games, all the while getting all your wisdom teeth pulled. Hope you get some help this year as we ramp up to fall season. (And let's hope the removal of your wisdom teeth doesn't remove the wisdom you portray in your fine reporting) Kudos!

  • That is a great idea. I will add the suggestion to the board as well.

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  • wow incredible feature. Quick question though, why does everyone predict Watkins to Michigan State? That was a bit of a head scratcher for me.

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  • Just curious how the skills rating system works.
    Jade Gault is rated the #10 (16 composite) tackle and his skills are rated as follows:
    Size 8
    Frame 9
    Athleticism 6
    Pass Blocking 6
    Body Quickness 6
    Feet 6
    Run Blocking 6
    Punch 5

    Juwann Bushell-Beatty is rated the #20 (35 composite) tackle and his skills are rated as follows:
    Size 8
    Frame 9
    Athleticism 7
    Pass Blocking 7
    Body Quickness 7
    Feet 7
    Run Blocking 6
    Punch 7

    Could you shed some light on this?

    This post was edited by ChicagoBadger12 12 months ago

  • Our national analysts rate those eight skills on a scale of 1-10. It's not a direct correlation to their 247 rating or 247 composite rating if that's what you're getting at.

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  • Yes, that is what I was getting at. Thank you.

  • But in this case, he seems better than gault.

  • Yeah but it doesnt show potential or body type/size

  • Evan, do you know if it is in the works to keep track of each analysts pick percentage? It would be interesting to see which analysts are the most accurate and which ones (if any) have any sort of bias.

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    On, Wisconsin!

  • It does. Both are rated the same in each category.

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  • Yes it will.

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