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Emotions on HC search

  • Many, not all, but many of the posts regarding the coaching search are driven by emotions. Good decisions are never made when based on emotions. We are allowing the recruits to drive our entire thinking about finding a HC and keeping assistants.

    Do you want the HC decision to be made based on emotions? Based on what recruits you THINK might leave? Would you refuse to hire a HC that said he wanted to hire ALL of his own assistants. Even if that person was Chris Peterson or Al Golden? How many coaches will not consider the position if they are told that specific assistant coaches must be retained? In the coaching profession the HC determines HIS staff. The AD is free to recommend staff but it must be the HC who has the final decision or you will not get the best HC available. Is one recruiting class more important then the long term viability of the football program?

    When coaches leave the angst we are now experiencing is what occurs. At UW we have been fortunate in having continuity for 23 years. Very few schools are that fortunate. Prior to Alvarez this happened far too frequently at UW.

    It is hard to be the one to follow a legend. BB was successful following a legend and who ever the next coach is will have the pressure of following two of the greatest coaches UW has had. Even if you now dislike or have always disliked BB, he was successful.

    Alvarez knows what type of coach it will take to continue what he and BB have developed. And to grow it to even greater heights. Part of that is the limited recruiting in state. Wisconsin produces big OL and that is what has driven the type of program UW has developed. In recent years the state has produced some excellent RB's, John Clay, Jeff Lewis, Mel Gordon and Vontae Jackson. Whatever coach is hired will have to be able to identify recruits that have the potential to be developed with quality coaching.

    In recent years for the first time we have been in the "hunt" for some high level recruits from out of state and have been fortunate to get a couple to commit. It took BA and BB over 20 years to get to this point. It will take a unique coach to maintain and grow that legacy.

    Letting our anxiety regarding recruits, and who the new HC will be isn't going to help our own sanity. Step back, relax and let BA do his job. Then if you are still unhappy submit your application to become the next AD at UW. :)

  • Good points and good perspective.

  • I agree with the original post, time will tell, I would feel better if I knew Barry had his guy already, but reports say no, just hope they get the right coach for the program, this hire is very important.

  • If Peterson becomes coach, recruits know him as a proven winner so I could live with who he chooses. Other guys I wouldn't trust as much. If you have a guy like Buh and Partridge and what they bring to the table, I would think the new coach would want to keep them.

  • I have to wonder if the announcement won't come till after January. With Bowls and the end of the regular season. Barry might want to do it the right way and not affect other teams the way UW was.

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