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Basketball Recruit Performance Thread

  • Koenig out of tonight's game against the Dells for an Athletic Code Violation

    If God dwells inside us, like some people say, I sure hope He likes enchiladas, because that's what He's getting

  • Nigel Hayes had 48 points in his game tonight.

  • It was just a scrimmage, but impressive nonetheless. It was against Vitto Brown's team, hope Vitto wasn't guarding Nigel! biggrin

  • Gotta like that though. We've been wandering through the Flat-top desert for long and haven't had a forward who can put up points.

    If God dwells inside us, like some people say, I sure hope He likes enchiladas, because that's what He's getting

  • Ethan happ had 38 points and 11 rebounds.

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  • 2015 Small Forward Levi Bradley had 28 points for Milwaukee Pius XI in a win.

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  • Bradley with 23 tonight.

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  • Happ with 28 and 15 today

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  • TJ Schlundt - 21
    Jaylen Key - 25
    Nick Noskowiak - 19
    Malik Clements - 20

    Some of the bigger performances from Saturday.

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  • TJ Schlundt - 19
    Kevon Looney - 24

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  • Riley Dearring with 24 in a tough match up with Cooper. Tonka with the victory.

    Wisconsin. Badgers.

  • Good sign.

    He plays well with his HS teammates. That's what caught Bo's attention at our team camp.

  • Koenig had 15 in a loss to Shell Lake (Iowa.)

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  • Last night:

    Brevin Pritzl - 18
    Kevon Looney 21
    Diamond Stone - 34

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  • I made it out to the Minnetonka (with Riley Dearring) game last night, which was rather entertaining given that they were playing Tyus Jones and Apple Valley. AV is among the top teams in the state, and Jones is the #1 prospect in 2014 according to many of the recruiting services. Coach K was in attendance with two assistants, and Bill Self was there too. The game was pretty well contested, as AV had a small lead for much of the game, then gained some separation down the stretch and won by 15 (I think).

    Jones is absolutely worthy of the hype. From everything I've heard, he's a great kid and on the court he's a fantastic PG. I left with about 3 minutes to go, at which point he had 30 points and 7 assists and his team was up 73-63. Offensively, he can really do it all, as he has improved his shot to the point where he can consistently make 3s. He has also gotten bigger and stronger and no longer gets bodied as much. Defenders still try to do it, but he's strong enough to not get knocked off his line, and he's very good at drawing contact to get the foul (he was 14-16 on FTs before I left). He is excellent at coming off ball screens, and AV does a lot of that, as he can get to the bucket for himself or find an open man after coming around the screen. He also does an excellent job of pushing the ball up the court (both by the dribble and the pass) to get open looks for teammates. He got a little out of control at times, and he could play better defense, but he is going to make some college coach very happy. The rumors I've heard are still Duke, but he is going to be very good where ever he decides to go.

    Dearring played OK for Minneonka, but I still see him as a reach for UW. I had him for 15 points on 5-12 shooting (2-3 on 3s) and 5 boards (3 offensive). On the offensive end, he is still primarily a spot up shooter, as he isn't really capable of beating people off the dribble. He did have a couple solid post ups on a shorter defender, which was nice to see, but he will need to add a lot of weight/strength to be able to do that at the next level. He had some bad moments on offense in this game, with a couple "my turn" shots and also some forced efforts which resulted in a pair of charges. Defensively, he spent about half the game guarding Tyus. He has good length and did OK in trying to stay with Jones, but he got bumped off by ball screens rather easily given how slender he is. He did have nice block of a Jones shot which resulted in him getting a run out for a dunk, but he also had a couple silly fouls, including one while Tyus was shooting a 3. I would guess that he will be a redshirt candidate given his need to get bigger, and hopefully his game continues to expand.

  • Thanks Ole. I'm heading to Madison Memorial vs. Sun Prairie tomorrow. Then Appleton West at Neenah Friday.

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  • Memorial and Sun Prairie should be a good one, but I don't know if Ortiz will be playing for Memorial. That would certainly hurt their chances, as Sun Prairie is tough. Anxious to hear some thoughts on Neenah's Heldt, as I read that Buzz Williams was out watching him earlier this week.

  • Per Mark Miller:

    "Wisconsin assistant Greg Gard arrives in Kaukauna gym to watch Neenah soph Matt Heldt...

    Neenah 63, Kaukauna 60 final in Kaukauna. Matt Heldt with 15."

  • I made it over to Hudson tonight to see Rice Lake and Hudson. The attraction in this game was 2015 forward Henry Ellenson. As I am sure most know, Henry’s oldest brother (Wally) is a freshman on Tubby’s Gopher squad. Minnesota assistant Saul Smith was in attendance tonight.

    I have seen Henry on a number of other occasions, but I am still shocked each time at how big he is. I would guess around 6’8” and 240 or 250. He is certainly not fat, but he is also not well-defined at this point. He just has a huge frame and really long arms. As his body matures and he does more weight training, he has a chance to be a monster physically. Despite being so large at such an early age, he moves pretty well and is very skilled. His most developed skill at this stage is his shooting, as he is very good from the perimeter. I was also impressed with his ability to handle the ball in space and beat people off the dribble.

    I had Henry for 31 and 5 tonight, with the points coming in pretty way every way possible. He was 10 of 18 from the floor, including 3 of 5 from downtown, and also 8 for 10 from the line. He did most of his damage from the perimeter in the first half, on 3s and drives to the bucket (couple nice finishes with a floater). In the second half, he used his size to dominate inside. He got to the line a number of times, and also had a couple really nice seals of his defender that turned into a hoop and a foul. In the past, I have felt he floated too much on the perimeter. Tonight, he was very impressive doing most everything on the offensive end.

    Hudson has a 6’6” junior forward named Alex Herink. He is not the prospect that Henry is, but he’s a solid player who apparently has interest from schools like NDSU and SDSU. Henry went head to head with Herink on both ends of the floor, and really did whatever he wanted. Hudson did not do enough to get Herink the ball in good scoring position, but Henry also made it difficult for Alex to get good off shots. He challenged everything and did a nice job staying in front of Herink. I did not expect that, but I thought that Henry was very solid defensively. He will certainly have to make some improvements on that end of the floor over the next couple seasons, but he paid attention and has the physical ability to play reasonable defense.

    Minnesota has offered Ellenson, as have a number of others. I don’t recall all of them, but I believe Georgetown was the first or one of the first. I know UW has seen Henry play, but I do not believe they offered. Assuming that’s the case, I think the Badgers should offer. He is a really nice prospect and will surely have an impressive collection of scholarship offers to choose from.

  • Decent article in the State Journal about Bronson and his game last night against Deforest... If I remember right he had 17 and 8 assists in the win.

  • Made it down to LaCrosse this evening for the first Aquinas/Onalaska game of the season. It was very cool that they moved the game to the bigger venue, as I would estimate there were between 4K and 5K people in attendance to see Bronson Koenig and Matt Thomas match up. Not the best played game, but definitely a fun atmosphere. Sounds like the second game between these two will also be played in the LaCrosse Center. Hopefully that is as well attended as tonight’s game was. Aquinas won a tight game (46-44) that was close throughout. It was actually pretty sloppy on both sides, with neither star having their best game, but it was entertaining with the outcome not being determined until the final possession.

    Onalaska sat in a 2-3 zone the whole game, which really seemed to take Aquinas out of any sort of offensive flow. The two guys at the top of the zone would double Bronson as soon as he caught the inbounds pass, forcing others to bring the ball up the court. Once in the half court, Aquinas did not do the best job of finding open looks, and they had trouble converting the opportunities they did find against the zone. Bronson was pretty passive offensively in this game, spending much of his time attempting to facilitate the offense from the top of the key. When he was aggressive, he was able to get into the middle of the zone either on his own off the dribble or by hitting a cutter. Even once in the middle of zone, Bronson and his teammates didn’t have much luck on shots from the paint. He only scored 8 points on 2-7 shooting (also 3-3 on FTs), but his more significant contribution was on the defensive end.

    Onalaska relies much more on Matt to score than Aquinas does on Bronson, as evidenced by Matt’s 22 shots in comparison to Bronson’s 7. Aquinas played man all game, and with the exception of the couple possessions late (when Bronson had 4 fouls), Bronson chased Matt everywhere. Neither sat a single second, and it was very interesting watching them battle for position when Onalaska had the ball. Matt did not have his best game, as he missed some shots that were open that he would normally make, but Bronson made things really difficult on him and contributed heavily towards Matt’s tough shooting night (6-22 overall and 0-6 from downtown). Matt looks to be a little taller and is definitely thicker, but Bronson has long arms and is quicker. For the most part, Bronson did a good job of staying in front of Matt and making him take tough shots, though Matt had better luck getting to the bucket in the second half. For much of the second half, in particular in the 4th quarter, Matt played PG and would run Bronson into a ball screen at the top of the key every time. When Koenig would get bumped off even a little, Matt would attack the bucket. He had some luck doing that (4 second half buckets), though Aquinas’ help defense made it difficult for him finish in the lane. I thought Matt also got a few calls that were questionable at best. On two occasions, Bronson chased him down around a screen to block the shot, only to be called for fouls both times (cheap fouls in my opinion). Onalaska had the final possession of the game, trailing by 2. Matt went to the right around a ball screen, which Bronson did a pretty good job of fighting thru. He had help from the screener’s defender, and one of those two was able to poke the ball free from Thomas and Onalaska did not even get a shot off.

    Both Bronson and Matt are very nice prospects, who I think will be productive players at the next level. Bronson needs to continue to work on his strength, but he has good size and an excellent skill set. I also hope we see the Badgers play at a little faster tempo, as Koenig has great vision and is very capable of finding open teammates in transition. One of the few times Aquinas got out in the open floor was late in this game, with Koenig making a nice pass for a teammate to get a layup and push the score to 45-42. I also really like Matt and wish he were joining Bronson in the UW backcourt. That said, I would expect him to have a nice career in Ames, where he presumably won’t be the primary focus of every defense he faces. He has such a pure shot, and his size and strength make him effective in the post against other guards. Hopefully we can see both in the Kohl Center in March.

  • I was also at the game tonight. Bronson really frustrated Matt to begin the game. Bronson forced Matt to shoot 4 air balls tonight and 2 coming within the first two minutes of the game. Bronson will definitely see a lot of playing time next year if he plays as good of defense as he did tonight. He made Matt work for everything he got. This was the worst I have ever seen Matt shoot the ball tonight. He missed 4 critical free throws. As Ole said, Matt was able to get to the basket at the end of the game but I also believe that was because Bronson was getting tired. He worked his ass off in the first half and it caught up to him late. Bronson very easily could have had a dozen assists tonight if AQ would have made more bunnies. I think these teams are very equal. If Matt shoots better Onalaska puts up more points but AQ also missed several lay-ups. Michael Conway also played very well for AQ tonight. Pretty athletic and well built. I believe he is headed to Minnesota next year to play football.

  • Good article about the Koenig/Thomas match up in last night's game:

  • From Mark Miller at the first day of the WBBY Shootout at Concordia:

    "Koenig splits two free throws and Duane Wilson just misses a contested three-point shot at buzzer. Aquinas wins, 50-47...

    Bronson Koenig finished with 14 points and about six assists for Aquinas, Duane Wilson had 18 points and several steals for Dominican."

  • I posted in a different thread that Exeter and Jordan Hill lost Kimball Union and Abdul-Malik Abu yesterday.

    Also, Ethan Happ is back in action after sitting out several weeks due to a knee injury. He had 27 on Wed and 17 last night.

  • JP Macura scored 31 points in a loss to Apple Valley tonight.

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