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A Message to Wisconsin Recruits

  • For all of you fine young men who are dumbfounded and confused by the departure today of UW head football coach Bret Bielema. You are not alone. Many, if not all, of us alumni and fans are as well. This was truly something that 99.999% of the people did not see coming.

    But, don't despair. Don't give up on the great academic institution that is the University of Wisconsin. Don't give up on one of the premier college football programs in the country. Everything will be just fine. Remember why you committed to the school in the first place; the academics, the very solid football program, the beautiful campus and the great talent that is in place and will still be there and the commitment the University and football program made to you.

    Yes, we lost our head coach of 7 years. However, we have not yet lost any players, administrators or other coaches. If you take time to sit back and look at what that program represents and what the future holds I am sure you will see that there are so many positives that they far outweigh this one negative (if you want to view it as negative). People change jobs all the time, so do college coaches. However, the talent that is in the program will not change but will only get better.

    Why am I so certain of this you ask? Because I am a proud alum of the school and 20+ year season ticket holder. 2013 could be a really special year for Wisconsin, 2014 and beyond might be even better. You have to put faith in Director of Athletics, Barry Alvarez that he will do the absolutely best thing possible for the University and the program.

    Take some time to digest the events of today but please look at the situation with rational thought. If you feel you are better served elsewhere then I wish you the best. However, I am confident that after stepping back a bit you will see that the positives greatly outweigh the negatives and that you will still get a world-class education and be part of a great football program that will win its share of Big 10 titles, Rose Bowls and possibly a national championship at some point.

    On Wisconsin!

  • I think that was very well said.

    Even though and you claim to "not yet have lost any players, administrators or other coaches"...its only been 4 hours...but other than that, well said.

    up-voted ya.